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Albasia Barecore

Barecore is used for the Blockboard’s core. We’re using Albasia Falcata as our barecore material. Albasia Falcata (Albizia Falcata) is a fast-growing tree that is renewable and sustainable after 4 years and can be harvested. To make a more stable and strong panel, Barecore / Panel / Lumber Core is butt joined stave cores of small Albasia Falcata wood sticks. Normally, it is used for the blockboard core.


Standard Barecore : 13 x 1220 x 2440 mm

  • Thickness: 10 - 45 mm

  • Length: Max 6000 mm

  • Width: Max 2100 mm

  • Grade: A or B

  • Glue : E0

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